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Bienvenue A Zot' - Our activity

* Looking for a place to live for the whole family

This is the most important step for successful mobility.

We will analyze the desires of the family and ensure the feasibility of the mission. All the means are exploited to find the right housing. When the goods corresponding to the criteria of the family are found, the appointments for the visits taken. During the proceedings, we present, in all objectivities, the advantages and disadvantages of housing.

As soon as we obtain the agreement of the family, we proceed to the reservation and organize the appointment for the inventory of the places. We also assist the expatriate and his / her family in the process of subscribing to water, electricity, telephone, etc.

* The search for a good school for children

C’est avec le plus grand soin que nous décrivons les différents types d’établissements disponibles dans la zone géographiquement concernée. Nous sélectionnons et présentons, ensuite, les structures qui correspondent le mieux aux critères définis par la famille. Nous intervenons jusqu’au bout du processus avec l’accompagnement de la famille en mairie pour l’inscription du ou des enfants.

* Helping and supporting families on a daily basis

In the development of housing, in the completion of administrative formalities, etc.

* Help with return formalities

Our assistance is aimed at making the departure as pleasant as possible for the expatriate and his / her family. Our assistance includes, for example, the drafting of letters for housing, telephone lines, insurance, subscriptions, etc.

Other proposed services

  • • Assistance for integration into the administrative, legislative, etc.
  • • Assistance to the installation: painter, electrician, plumber, etc.
  • • Assistance with the rental or purchase of a vehicle
  • • Assistance in the search for a property with purchase
  • • Housekeepers, gardeners, nurses, etc.

An apartment or a house, to the north, to the west, to the south or to the east, in the Hauts or near the Ocean.

And for you ... who already live on the island ...

You do not have time to take over the purchase or lease of your future home, the purchase of your future vehicle, Bienvenue à Zot’ is here to assist you.

The key of a network

in the service of the expatriates and of their employer

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